organisational change

Many things cause organisational change.

These include:

   •   challenges of growth, especially global markets
   •   challenge of economic downturns and tougher trading conditions
   •   changes in strategy
   •   technological changes
   •   competitive pressures, including mergers and acquisitions
   •   customer pressure, particularly shifting markets
   •   to learn new organisation behavior and skills
   •   government legislation/initiatives.

All organisations are in flux: changing their focus, expanding or contracting their activities and rethinking their products and services. Most organisations more than ten years old look nothing like they did even five years ago. And it is likely that in the next year or two organisations will not look as they do today.

In this context managers have to be able to introduce and manage change to ensure the organisational objectives of change are met, and they have to ensure that they gain the commitment of their people, both during and after implementation. Often, at the same time, they also have to ensure that business continues as usual.

AHR Solutions Ltd can support you in the following:

   •   involvement at the initial stage in the project team
   •   advising project leaders in skills available within the organisation –
       identifying any skills gaps, training needs, new posts, new working
       practices etc
   •   balancing out the narrow/short-term goals with broader
       strategic needs
   •   assessing the impact of change in one area/department/site on
       another part of the organisation
   •   being used to negotiating and engaging across various stakeholders
   •   understanding stakeholder concerns to anticipate problems
   •   understanding the appropriate medium of communication to reach
       various groups
   •   helping people cope with change, performance management
       and motivation.

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