As of the 1st October 2004, all businesses are required to follow
a minimum statutory disciplinary procedure. Failure to do so could
result in heavy fines at an employment tribunal.

A disciplinary issue usually arises when the actions of an employee have had
a negative impact on your business, for example in the case of misconduct
or poor performance.

Disciplinary procedures provide a clear and transparent framework to deal with
difficulties which may arise as part of a working relationship from the perspective
of either the employer or employee.

AHR Solutions will be able to guide businesses through the disciplinary procedures, step by step – ensuring that the statutory disciplinary procedure is met.


Grievance procedures are as important as disciplinary procedures.
If a grievance is not dealt with according to the statutory procedures,
the employee may be able to lodge a complaint with a tribunal.

Should they then be successful with that claim the business could then be ordered
to pay extra compensation as a fine for not following correct procedures?

Grievance procedures are needed

   •   To provide individuals with a course of action, should they have a
       complaint (which they are unable to resolve through regular communication
       with their line manager)
   •   To provide points of contact and timescales to resolve issues of concern

AHR solutions can

   •   Advise on introducing a grievance procedure for your company
   •   Advise on a current grievance already raised

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